Revenge cancelled after four seasons


Emily Thorne’s mission for revenge is officially over. It was announced on Tuesday evening (29th April) that the show airing on E4, starring Emily VanCamp and Madeline Stowe would not be returning after its series four finale.

Revenge tells the story of Emily Thorne’s (VanCamp) quest to avenge her father who was wrongly accused of treason and brutally murdered while in prison. Emily’s quest has been faulted over the past three seasons with twisted love stories, vicious battles with her nemesis Victoria Grayson (Stowe) and devious cliffhangers that have left viewers hooked since the series premiere in 2011.

However, some fans have argued that Emily’s revenge has been drawn out over the past series with the reveal of Emily’s true identity dragging out over several episodes. This has caused a dip in ratings, with viewing figures in America reaching under 4.5 million. Therefore, it is no surprise that the network ABC has decided to cancel the show.

Revenge is the first show to be cancelled by the network going into the 2015-16 television season.


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  1. Natalie Fordham on

    It’s a shame but it took four seasons to basically go round in a circle and kill off a few people

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