Notes on News: Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction matters


Zayn left One Direction. Why should we care?

I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable person when it comes to ongoing affairs in the music industry. True, I am more into the announcement of an upcoming documentary about Kurt Cobain but such phenomenon that is the popularity of One Direction cannot go unnoticed. Thus, news about one of the boys leaving the band has shaken their fandom worldwide.

Repercussions have been pretty extreme. Teens as young as 10 years-old have been posting disturbing images of self-harm, supposedly as a response to the announcement. Celebrity blogs and magazines exploded with speculations regarding the possible reasons for Zayn Malik to abandon the rest of the band. In the eyes of all innocent teenage girls that religiously praised the boy band, it seemed like an unforgivable crime. They were perceived as flawless superstars who had an unbreakable bond and wrote relatable, catchy songs played by their fans on loop. Young girls behave ridiculously hysterically during One Direction concerts, they openly confess their undying love for their members – in short, they put them on a pedestal. Funnily enough, it does not matter how much we – the rational and mature music lovers – would like to deny it: the popularity of One Direction is that of The Beatles. That being said, it would be cruel of us to be patronizing and ignorant.

What should we make out of this?

Teenagers nowadays struggle with multitudinous issues; mundane, unfabulous reality of their lives prompt them to seek various distractions. Commonly, other people’s lives. To be more precise, celebrities’ lives. They cannot abstain from allure of following all the gossip items considering how many opportunities we are given to. The internet continuously explodes with latest news about anyone famous. It has become so easy to be more interested in a life of a TV personality than one’s own. As depressing as it sounds, that is the reality we live in. Moral of this story? Naturally, we cannot influence the masses but what we can do is to raise our own offspring in a way that it will never feel the need to lose itself in the whirl of absurdity that pop culture often epitomizes.


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