Dave Grohl confirms sequel to documentary series, Sonic Highways


Foo Fighters’ frontman, Dave Grohl has confirmed that there will be a new season of the band’s HBO documentary series Sonic Highways – as well as teasing a potential UK setting. Speaking to NME, the Foo Fighters frontman said the second season “might or might not be international… It might only be in England. It might be in England and other places.”

The first season of Sonic Highways originally premiered on HBO (and later BBC Four in the UK) in October 2014, following Dave Grohl and his band as they recorded their eighth studio album in eight different cities around America. Grohl has already hinted that a second series could take place in England. Expanding on this further, he explained that Britain’s rich musical history would work well for the show:

“The great thing about the idea, the concept of the project, is that it can be anywhere because every city has some sort of musical history, but I don’t know. Of all places in the world England and the UK just seems like it would be shooting fish in a barrel. There’s just so fucking much here.”

During the release of the first ‘Sonic Highways’ album/series, Grohl told NME that the project was a one-off, unlikely to be repeated. When asked why he’d make a U-turn like this, the frontman explained:

By the time we were finished with ‘Sonic Highways’ I was just fucking exhausted. But it’s kind of a magical luxury of my life that I’m able to go around and interview people and learn about the history of all these awesome places so I wouldn’t just give it up that’s for sure. The great thing about being in this band is that we don’t have to do anything. Nobody ever tells us what to do or when to do it. So we kind of just figure it out. I think it’s one of the reasons we’ve been active for so long, nobody’s ever been able to tell us to stop.

Watch the trailer for the first season of Sonic Highways below.


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