Film round-up: 15/06/2015-21/06/2015


As you ease yourself into the throes of another long overdue summer holiday, why not take some time out and head to the cinema for one of this week’s new releases? Not only will we see Ian McKellen starring as a retired Sherlock Holmes in Mr Holmes, but the guys from Entourage will be leaving HBO and heading for the big screen – alongside a romantic new Nicholas Sparks adaptation. The rest of this week’s releases can be read below.

Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal star in the romantic comedy, Accidental Love. When a small town waitress develops unpredictable behaviours after accidentally getting a nail lodged in her head, she travels to Washington, D.C., where she develops an unlikely romance with a young senator.

The Burning is a Western style drama, set in Argentina. After the kidnapping of a poor farmer’s daughter, help is found in the form of a mysterious man who emerges from the Argentinian rainforest.

Entourage is the big-screen continuation of HBO’s TV series of the same name, directed by Doug Ellin. It sees the return of Vincent Chase as he teams up with super agent-turned-studio head, Ari Gold, who has a risky project for the gang to tackle.

The ninth concert tour by Take That will be shown in cinemas in the form of Take That Live 2015. It follows the tour that supports their seventh studio album, III, featuring exclusive footage.

Les Combattants, or Love At First Sight, is a French romantic comedy. It follows the love that blossoms between Arnaud and the headstrong Madeleine, as their romance evolves into something teetering on a survival story.

The late Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren star in the re-release of 1980’s film, The Long Good Friday. It follows Harold, an English gangster, as he is about to finalise a lucrative deal. But when bombs start appearing in inconvenient places, chaos arises.

The Longest Ride is the latest of Nicholas Sparks’ novels to be adapted. After a car crash, the lives of a young couple collide with an older man as he reflects on his past romances.

Ian McKellen stars as Sherlock Holmes in Mr Holmes. Holmes is now an aged, retired detective – troubled about an unsolved case from the past. The film depicts the iconic character working with his housekeepers’ young son to solve the final mystery of his illustrious career.

Natural Resistance is a documentary that returns to the subject of wine found in 2004’s Mondovino. The documentary notes the changes in the industry, and the wider impacts that they have.


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