Nostalgic News: Art Attack turns 25 years old today


Today (15th June), marks twenty five years since CITV’s hit children’s craft show, Art Attack, first aired in 1990.

Originating as a segment on ’80s show No. 73, Art Attack was later spun off into its own series due to the mass popularity it had with young audiences. The show became one of CITV’s longest-running programmes, continuing in its original form until 2007.

The show fronted by the always cheery Neil Buchanan, saw the imaginative creation of an array of magnificent arty features – all made out of everyday throw-away items like empty cardboard boxes and washing-up liquid bottles! Buchanan was the epitome of a children’s TV show host – always friendly and open to his audience. His “Try it yourself” catchphrase at the end of every art attack was especially wonderful – it made you feel like you could achieve anything!

One of the best parts of the show was undoubtedly the big art attacks, in which Buchanan ventured out of the studio and travelled to a mystery location. The segment then saw Buchanan taking ordinary items from his surroundings and converting them into a giant outdoor collage. Audiences were encouraged to guess what Neil was creating, by slowly zooming out until the finished masterpiece was finally revealed.

Since the end of Art Attack, Buchanan has taken his artistic flair and turned it to the music industry. His rock band, Marseille, won the first ever UK Battle of the Bands, toured with Judas Priest and released four albums.

There have been several attempts to revive the BAFTA winning show – and to replicate its success abroad – but none of these imitations ever came close to the original.

Take a step back in time and watch Buchanan create one of his iconic big art attacks below!


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