Disney announce that a Maleficent sequel is in the works


Disney is working to re-create the magic of Angelina Jolie’s surprise 2014 hit, by making a Maleficent sequel.

Screenwriter Linda Woolverton is in talks to return and pen the screenplay, with hopes that Jolie will return to the villainous role. The actress, who was named ‘Favourite Villain’ at this year’s Kid’s Choice Awards, is not currently contracted to reprise the character.

The live-action remake of Sleeping Beauty earned The Walt Disney Company $758 million worldwide and was the first step in Disney’s latest trend of rebooting classics. It therefore comes as no surprise that Disney is developing a sequel for the film. Following the success of Maleficent, the company have heavily invested in live-action reboots – as seen this year in Kenneth Branagh’s interpretation of Cinderella. The corporation have also announced plans to remake other classics including Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo, Mulan and even Winnie the Pooh.

The first film was a retelling of the animated 1959 classic, Sleeping Beauty, which explored the character of villainess, Maleficent, as well as the back-story that lead to her infamous curse on Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning).

The success of the sequel will depend on whether Disney can claw back Jolie. The actress has been notoriously difficult to lock down for sequels, declining to return for planned follow-ups to both Salt and Wanted.

Watch the Maleficent trailer below to be reminded of the Disney magic that inspired a plague of remakes.


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