New trailer for drug war drama Sicario, starring Emily Blunt – watch


It seems like Emily Blunt is continuing a trend – which she began in Edge of Tomorrow – with her latest role in Sicario.

Turning up in a genre typically dominated by men – in a role played mainly by men -and then proceeding to do everything better than the men, Blunt is breaking barriers here. And from the looks of this trailer, Sicario looks to be a world away from Edge of Tomorrow – but potentially just as great.

Set along and on either side of the border between Mexico and the United States, Sicario follows Emily Blunt’s FBI agent, Kate Macer – who heads a case amidst a drug war, alongside shadowy government agent, Matt (Josh Brolin). Soon Kate, Matt, and their team must head across the border with the help of their enigmatic “consultant” (Benicio Del Toro). As they continue on their journey, Kate rapidly begins to question all that she knows about good and bad and as she struggles through this murky world, she finds herself placed in even greater danger.

Following his previous work Prisoners, which also dealt in shades of grey, Denis Villeneuve’s latest film has a high standard to live up to. However with the cast he has assembled, and a very strong reception at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, we can be confidently excited for this thriller.

Sicario lands in the UK on November 6


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