Glastonbury organisers have booked next year’s headliners


The organisers at Glastonbury have confirmed that they have already booked the three headliners for next year’s festival.

Festival organiser Emily Eavis has said that the bookings have put the festival team in “a really good place” for next year. “We’ve got three headliners for next year, so that’s completely sorted,” Eavis said. “We’re in a really good position in that respect because it means we can now focus on the rest of the bill.”

Eavis also responded to how festival organisers decide upon the artists that headline the main stage – with a particular focus on their musical genre, considering the backlash the festival received this year after its announcement that rapper Kanye West was to be Saturday’s headliner.

Every year the bands that are touring are completely different, so you never know quite who’s going to be around. It might be some years it’s heavier in one way, and some is lighter in the other. This year I think it’s an incredibly diverse lineup. We just try to make sure that if there’s two bands of a similar nature, that they’re not playing at exactly the same time. Sometimes there’s a bit of a crossover, but we try to have it so there aren’t too many bad clashes. Obviously they are some, but that’s just something we work on.

Despite revealing previously that she had received death threats over the Kanye West booking, Eavis has now defended her decision and says that the plans for his headline performance look “big” and “exciting”: “I think he’ll create an incredible show. What he’s talking about at the moment is very exciting,” she said. “I think he’s going to take it big. I can’t say anything – I can’t give anything away!”

Glastonbury 2015 will run from 24th-28th June. Florence & The Machine will headline Friday, whilst rock legends The Who are set to close the festival on Sunday.

Watch a set from one of last year’s headliners, Kasabian, below.


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