Brave’s Merida will join season five of Once Upon A Time


Once Upon A Time’s Comic-Con panel has revealed yet another major addition to it’s huge fairytale cast.

Unconventional Scottish princess, Merida from Disney Pixar’s Brave will be joining the show in season five, which airs on Disney-owned network ABC.

Fans at the panel saw a short clip of Merida showing off her archery skills during target practice, by hitting the target spot once and then splitting that arrow with another – much like she does in the animated version. Atlantis and Being Human star, Amy Manson will take up the ginger-haired princess role which was originally voiced by Scottish actress, Kelly MacDonald in the animated film.

Also announced were new additions to the Camelot cast. Following Liam Garrigan’s casting as Arthur, it has now been revealed that Joana Metrass will be taking on the role of his one true love, Guinevere. Meanwhile, Elliot Knight is set to play Merlin – the sorcerer who could be the key to saving protagonist Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) from her cursed new role as the Dark One. Andrew Jenkins has also been cast as Sir Percival.

Once Upon A Time returns to ABC on 27th September and will air on Netflix in the UK.

Watch the introduction of Merida in the clip below.


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