1000 musicians campaign to get Foo Fighters to play in Italy by performing ‘Learn to Fly’


1000 die hard Foo Fighters fans have grouped together to play ‘Learn to Fly’ in a campaign to get the band to come and play a show in Cescena, Italy.

It took creator Fabio Zaffagnini a year to put the campaign together, with hundreds of musicians and fans travelling to the event at their own expense.

Other campaigns to get the Foo Fighters to play in certain areas have proven successful. Last year, fans in Richmond, Virginia crowd-funded for the band to play in Dave Grohl’s home state.

There can be no doubt that the band will see this video soon and going by their recently rescheduled shows for UK fans after the cancellations in June… surely anything can happen.

Watch the jaw-dropping performance below, and take a look at their website to see how it all came to fruition.


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