Ian McKellen to narrate a documentary about Muslim drag queens


It has been announced that Sir Ian McKellen will narrate the upcoming Channel 4 documentary, Muslim Drag Queens.

Directed by Marcus Plowright, the documentary aims to allow a unique insight into the UK’s underground gay Asian community, focusing on the stories of three of Muslim drag queens. It is estimated that there are at least 100 Muslim drag queens in the UK.


The documentary will follow three Muslim drag queens as they struggle to gain acceptance in their wider communities.

The documentary will follow 32-year-old Asif Quraishi/Asifa Lahore – a leading figure in the ‘Gaysian’ community and an activist for gay rights – as well as 28-year-old British Pakistani, Imran/Sareena Khan and Ibrahim, a 22 year-old Mauritian.

Commissioning Editor David Brindley stated: “This is an incredibly important, surprising and moving film. Those who have chosen to tell their stories have done so with immense bravery and speak so eloquently about the struggles they have faced. With piercing honesty, Muslim Drag Queens gets right to the heart of a community that have up until now remained hidden from the wider British public.”

Muslim Drag Queens will be produced by C4’s award winning First Cut strand, which aims to showcase the work of up-and-coming directors.

Muslim Drag Queens will air on Channel 4 at some point later this year.


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