Foo Fighters respond to Westboro Baptist Church protest by Rickrolling


US rock band, Foo Fighters have comically responded to a protest by the Westboro Baptist Church for a second time in Kansas City, Missouri.

As the Westboro protest group stood outside the venue on 21st August, Dave Grohl and co. emerged in a pick up truck blasting out Rick Astley’s 1987 classic, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. The band also held signs reading ‘Keep It Clean’ and ‘You got Rickroll’d (again)’.

The ‘Keep It Clean’ sign is in reference to the first time the band were protested by the Westboro Baptist Church, back in 2011. The band rode out in costume from their North American Tour promo video, ‘Hot Buns’, which included the track ‘Keep It Clean’.

Watch how the band foiled the latest protest in the video below.


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