British Fan wins competition for walk-on role in Pitch Perfect 3


Pitch Perfect fans, prepare to feel super jealous.

One British fan has just been given a walk-on role in the next movie, Pitch Perfect 3, after winning a competition.

Plymouth student Scarlett Pannell, 19, was chosen after creating a Dubsmash video of her lip-synching to a quote from the film series. “It’s huge, I cant wait for it. It’s going to be an absolute dream come true,” Scarlett told Newsbeat.

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Scarlett admits she watches Pitch Perfect “probably every weekend” and has “quite easily” seen it more than 100 times. Her winning entry also featured her dog, Gus.

She went on to say that her favourite character is Fat Amy. “I love doing my Fat Amy impressions. I think she’s brilliant and I’m not sure how I’m going to react when/if I meet her.”

Scarlett’s “perfect” news comes just as she is starting her university degree in primary education. “It’s all very overwhelming that I’ve got so much going on but I’m so happy and excited for this because I love Pitch Perfect, it’s brilliant….I honestly haven’t got the words for it at the moment.”

She he hasn’t told her friends yet but her family know: “My family were ecstatic, my mum’s over the moon, my dad’s really pleased, my brother’s very happy.” But her other brother, who is 16, isn’t as impressed. “He just doesn’t care. Hopefully he’ll come around to it.”

Scarlett says she’ll probably take her mum with her on the trip. “She’ll enjoy it a lot and I really want her to have the opportunity to be there and see me on a film set which is where I’ve always dreamt of being.”

You can watch the video that won Scarlett her role via her Twitter.


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