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In the first instalment of a brand new feature, our writers have come together to offer their initial reactions to the new Bond theme, which was written and performed by current pop superstar, Sam Smith. ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ is set to appear in the forthcoming 007 movie, Spectre, but is it up to scratch? Here’s what we think:

“‘Writing’s On The Wall’ is an easily forgettable Bond theme. Over the classic orchestral sound, the only positive element of the song – Smith’s vocals – are predictably boring and repetitive with no hook or catchy melody.” – Henna Patel, writer.

“No crumble. Very disappointed.” – Alex Meehan, writer.

“It’s okay. Smith’s falsetto is on point, and I’m sure it will eventually catch on with the majority of the general public, but it is no Adele and that’s what it will inevitably be compared to!” – Georgia Simpson, Head of Relations.

“‘Writing’s On The Wall’ tries to hark back to 60’s operatic stylings, and in my opinion falls disappointedly flat. Sam Smith’s normally pleasant vocals are overshadowed, and you can’t help but draw comparisons with the raw, yet polished performance Adele gave in ‘Skyfall’ and he simply, sadly doesn’t come out on top. Sublimely produced, the track might well grow on you, but fans will likely be left pondering missed opportunities. (It should’ve been Conchita Wurst!)” – Millie Cassidy, Features Editor.

“Of course Sam Smith would be able to make a Bond film sound boring.” – Nátt Day, writer.

“It’s a bit generic. Sounds like a Eurovision entry.” – Megan Isaac, writer.

 “It just feels like nothing new has been provided. Another rehash of the same old Bond-esque stuff with a different famous face to promote it.” – Ashleigh Millman, writer.

“I seem to have a fairly odd taste when it comes to Bond songs (‘A View to a Kill’ is my favourite by some way), but nonetheless I struggled to feel anything listening to this besides cold indifference. Mediocre.” – Harrison Abbott, Culture Editor.

“What happened to the interesting direction that the Bond themes were taking with Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace? Alicia Keys, Jack White, and Chris Cornell delivered stellar contributions to the Bond musical canon, that really captured the post-Brosnan tone change to more subtle and darker waters. Why replace that with stagnant cheap orchestral pop, that trades intensity for clichéd song writing, and any understatement for Smith’s self congratulating falsetto?” – Isaac MacPherson, writer.

“It’s just very bland for Bond. It’s like a cheap imitation of ‘Skyfall’ with a lot of Bryan Adams-esque romanticisms strewn through it. It’d be alright for an epic love story of some sort … but for the latest from cinema’s most prolific womaniser? Nah.” – Anneka Honeyball, News Editor.

The Verdict: It may be high on style and elegance, but this is one Bond theme that is anything but explosive. It may well grow on us, but for now, we remain unimpressed.

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