Matthew Vaughn to direct spy thriller, I Am Pilgrim


Fans of Kingsman need not panic – though Matthew Vaughn is still going to do a sequel to the brilliant spy film, first he’ll be sticking with the genre even further, moving across the Atlantic for an American story.

Based on the enormously popular 2013 book, I Am Pilgrim will tell the story of a man who once headed up a top-secret espionage unit for US intelligence. Now in retirement, and having written a book on forensic pathology, he is pulled out of his comfort-zone when investigators need his help. Someone is using the information in his book to kill people, but as he lends his expertise, he uncovers a plot against the US itself.

While the plot may sound familiar to anyone who’s watched a crime drama recently, where a non-professional with a past is called upon for their “expertise”, both the book and screenplay have prestige. Terry Hayes is adapting his own work, but he started as Journalist and screenwriter. He even wrote the 80s action film, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.

Meanwhile, Vaughn’s track record for directing is five for five. The last four projects have seen him collaborate on script duties with the brilliant Jane Goldman, so it’s unlikely she will be completely absent from this one. Even if she is, we have little to no reason to be worried. After all, he made L4yer Cake without her, and that’s fantastic.

Details of I Am Pilgrim‘s cast and release date have yet to be announced.Watch the trailer for L4yer Cake below.


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    • He is my favourite director certainly, one of the most consistently interesting and in terms of quality. I’m by no means worried about this, interested to see how he can spin it into a Vaughn film from something that is DEFINITELY not his own property, has no Goldman, seems a bit like a standard espionage plot. Must read the book.

      • Harrison Abbott on

        I can’t decide whether or not I want to read the book or see the film first. I feel like I want to see the Vaughn version first, but I read The Secret Service before seeing Kingsman and it didn’t impact my enjoyment of the film

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