Kingsman: The Secret Service 2 to start shooting in April


With a worldwide gross of $410 million from an estimated $81 million dollar budget, Matthew Vaughn’s graphic novel adaptation Kingsman: The Secret Service has been one of the surprise hits of 2014.

Given this substantial financial profit and the general positive reception the film has received, it is no surprise that 20th Century Fox are wanting to get a sequel out as quickly as possible. What might be a little unexpected however, is just how soon that sequel may be coming.

The film is due to start filming in April 2016, which posits something of a scheduling problem. Lead actor Taron Egerton is set to begin filming Robin Hood: Origins in February, with production not expected to be completed in time for April. Exactly how this conflict will be resolved is unclear for the time being, but one thing is for sure: in the space of just a year, Egerton has become a highly sought after talent.

Additionally, the screenplay for the Kingsman sequel has yet to be completed, though Vaughn and his regular collaborator, Jane Goldman are currently working on it. It’s also uncertain if Vaughn himself will be directing the film, as he recently became attached to the adaptation of Terry Hayes’ book, I Am Pilgrim.

Still, this confirms that things are definitely moving forward for the action-comedy follow up. Watch the trailer for the first film, below.


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  1. George Seabrook on

    I think that if Vaughn can direct it he definitely will be. It seems like he’s learnt his lesson after letting someone else take Kick-Ass 2, and that he’s REALLY passionate about Kingsman. It’ll probably mean that I AM PILGRIM falls behind schedule.

    I really don’t want anyone but Vaughn on this project, and Fox won’t hesitate to replace him if they can.

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