Final action-packed trailer for Spectre is released – watch


Bond is back, with one last glimpse to tease fans in the build-up of expectation for the latest in the legendary franchise. The final trailer for Spectre has hit and the focus is definitely back on the action.

Coming at the end of a very good week for Bond, with Sam Smith’s ‘Writing On The Wall’ hitting the top of the UK singles chart (a first for a Bond theme song) despite a distinctly mixed early reception; the latest and last trailer for Daniel Craig’s fourth appearance as the world famous ‘double-O’ is kicking off the final countdown quite spectacularly.

Sam Mendes’ newest Bond film is set to follow on directly from the events of 2012’s Skyfall, though the latest sneak peek is stepping away from the new team at MI6, and taking Craig straight into the heat of the moment.

Spectre Icon Ring

“This organisation do you know what it is called?” “Spectre”

We also get a new and incredibly menacing glimpse of Christoph Waltz’s antagonist Franz Oberhauser, who has been highly speculated to be the new Blofeld – especially given the years since Bond last went up against Spectre last in Diamonds are Forever (1971).

The epic 70 second teaser, like previous trailers dropped back in July and March, has thankfully been playing things very close to the chest, proving tantalising and not spoiler-heavy. Providing brief flashes of Bond’s globe-hopping from the skies over Mexico City in the midst of Día de Muertos, to action packed chase sequences through the forests and mountains of the Alps.

New footage also helps piece together events from previous trailers, with the barbed trading of threats between Craig and Waltz giving us a further glimpse into Bond’s new nemesis. Meanwhile, the contrast between the limited, intimidating dialogue and rapid succession of intense action seriously sets the tension to last the next three weeks until release.

The final moments of the trailer conclude in a climactic helicopter fight, which following Mendes’ recent Behind The Scenes comments over his preference for practical special effects, sets expectation high for Spectre to seriously impress. Needless to say, soon is not enough.

Watch the final trailer for Spectre, which is set to be released nationwide on 26th October, below.


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