David Duchovny teases return for Twin Peaks revival


David Duchovny looks as though he’s ready to reprise his Twin Peaks role as transgender DEA Agent Denise Bryson for the 2017 continuation of the show on Showtime.

Duchovny originally appeared on the show for three episodes during it’s second season in 1990, which marked Duchovny’s first major role on television before he became a worldwide phenomenon on The X-Files as FBI Agent Fox Mulder three years later.

Duchovny hasn’t been officially confirmed to return for the new series, but he has hinted that he would be more than happy to “shave his legs” once again and slip back into the feminine outfits of Denise.

Duchovny expressed interest in the news of the revival earlier this year, but it was at New York Comic Con this weekend (where he was promoting the upcoming X-Files revival) where he hinted to TV Line that he might reappear in the series: “There is a chance I’ll show up on Twin Peaks. That’s all I can say. I’ve been frightened into silence.”

Currently the only confirmed cast of the new series is Kyle MacLachlan, who will be reprising his role as Agent Dale Cooper. David Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost have written all of what is rumored to be a dozen episodes, and filming is currently underway with Lynch directing every installment. The continuation of Twin Peaks is set for a 2017 debut.

If you haven’t seen Duchovny on Twin Peaks before, take a look at his memorable introduction to the series below.


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