Charlize Theron may not feature in Mad Max sequel


Oh what a (not-so) lovely day! Mad Max: Fury Road director, George Miller has suggested that Charlize Theron’s scene-stealing character, Imperator Furiosa, might not be appearing at all in the next film.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Miller explained that the acclaimed heroine only features very briefly in his proposed sequels to this year’s mega-hit. “I’m not sure, is the answer,” The director said when questioned about Theron’s return.

“She’s not in the Mad Max [sequel]story, but in one of the stories there’s an interaction between [Max and Furiosa]. I can’t really say more than that because it’s still in progress.” The Australian filmmaker has also stated that the authenticity of the next film’s rumoured title – Mad Max: The Wasteland – is also in the balance. “That name came out, but that was just a working title,” he said.

“Nico Lathouris and I wrote deep backstories on all the characters and they eventually became screenplays – so we have two [more movies]. I’m happy to say that there’s discussions about them right now, but I hope the next film I make is a very small without any special effects and not many stunts.”

The first film, starring Theron and Tom Hardy, is available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray now. Watch the trailer below.


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