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‘Good evening, good evening, good evening and welcome’ to the end of an era. Earlier today, Stephen Fry announced that he is stepping down from his 13-year long role as the host of popular BBC panel show, QI. The author and comedian will be replaced by series regular, Sandi Toksvig – making her the first ever woman to front a comedy panel show. So there is some good to come out of this departure, but what do our writers think? After the shock of the news, the reactions are really… quite interesting.

“A Fry-tening change of events” – Ashleigh Millman, writer.

“Nothing feels stable anymore. Civilisation as we know it is on the brink of collapse.” – Ben Robins, Film Editor.

“I will miss Stephen and Alan’s bromance.” – Fiona Bowler, writer.

“Though it is undoubtedly pleasing to see a female comedian replace him, I can’t help but feel deflated about Stephen’s departure – he’s such a huge part of the show’s appeal. Still, I shall be slightly less annoyed when QI is the only repeat showing on Dave now.” – Anneka Honeyball, News Editor.

“He held it all together. Without him I’m not sure if there’d be any reason for me to tune in anymore.” – Harrison Abbott, Culture Editor.

“I feel like QI has lost a lot of it’s spark recently, and this is the final nail in the coffin. It might still be quite interesting, but it is certainly not very engaging.” – Rebecca James, writer.

“All good things must come to an end.” – George Seabrook, writer.

“Such a loss to the show. I think Sandi Toksvig might struggle to replace such an encyclopedic and comedic treasure as Stephen Fry.” – Megan Isaac, writer.

“As a huge fan of both Fry and Toksvig, my heart is being pulled in both directions – l Iove that a woman will now be hosting what is usually a very male-dominated show, but Fry is just an irreplaceable individual.” – Emma Harrison Beesley, writer.

“I just died inside” – Natalie Fordham, Editor.

The Verdict: On the whole – for now at least – we’re devastated. WHY STEPHEN? WHY?

Stephen Fry’s last series as the host of QI will begin on BBC Two on Friday 16th October. Watch the preview below.


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