The Edge Reacts To… The final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens


The final trailer for JJ Abrams’ highly anticipated sequel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released yesterday (20th October). Light on spoilers, yet heavy on action and nostalgia, this latest teaser has elicited a whole range of emotions in the minds of movie-fans. But what do our writers think?

“It’s finally okay to be excited about Star Wars again!” – Ben Robins, Film Editor.

“Finally hearing the voices and becoming certain that this film’s main character is Rey was awesome. I’m already in love with Daisy Ridley. However, this would be a teaser trailer for anything else. Frustrating!” – George Seabrook, writer.

“The most anticipated movie of all time with one of the best trailers of all time. It showed us what we wanted to see; glimpses of story, excellent visuals, beloved characters returning, the further development of some intriguing new characters… 17th December will be the day that Star Wars will finally conquer the world once again!” – David Mitchell-Baker, writer.

“I don’t pretend to be a huge Star Wars expert, but let’s hope they defeat them aliens. Amirite guys?” – James Slaymaker, writer.

“A universe decaying faster than Harrison Ford’s career appears to have been saved. From this final look JJ Abrams seems to have found the perfect balance between large scale action scenes and understated moments of reflection.” – James Chadwick, writer.

“The Star Wars universe is about as stunning and awe-inspiring with modern visuals as we had ever hoped it to be, and more. It’s going to be a visual spectacle and something beautiful to ogle, and the fight seems more real. The Empire seems less all-powerful or untouchable, and it’s definitely going to feel a lot more personal and intense. I’m still somewhat guarded as to whether these new characters will win me over or not, though.” – Alex Rachwal, writer.

“JJ IS BAE BAE” – Ashleigh Millman, writer.

“A little bit of wee came out! But then I watched this trailer and it made me feel better, helping me to forget about my embarrassing incontinence” – Harrison Abbott, Culture Editor.

“I decided to save myself for the film, and so today has been a painful test of will power. One more ‘Best trailer this year’ and I could break” – Jack Gracie, Head of Design.

“First off, WHERE IS LUKE? But Han…man, Han’s still got it.” – Sophie McEvoy, writer.

I had literal goosebumps. In only a few minutes, they somehow managed to capture the epic proportions of the original trilogy. Already, even though we’ve only seen glimpses of the new main trio, I’m a little bit in love with them. That little look of solidarity between Poe and Finn already suggests a new bromance to me! There also looks to be a lot of kickass women that young girls can look up to. Needless to say- I can not wait for this film!” – Rehana Nurmahi, writer.

Star Wars? More like ‘Really Good Movie Trailer’ Wars, am I right!? …Guys?” – Thomas Davies, writer.

“It was nostalgic. With the sounds of TIE fighters and the Millennium Falcon and glimpses of old characters as well as the excitement of new ones!” – Jenny Simpson, writer.

“It all looks so amazing. Rey and Finn are already pulling at my heartstrings. The sight of Han and Leia makes me want to weep. And Kylo Ren looks such a badass. The excitement is almost too much.” – Anneka Honeyball, News Editor.

The Verdict: The force is strong with this one. Excited we are. But wait two more months we must.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to be released in the UK on 17th December. Watch the final trailer below.


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