Pride and Prejudice and Zombies receives first full theatrical trailer- watch


Following the release of a small, yet tantalising teaser, we have now been treated to a full theatrical trailer for the upcoming Austen satire, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

The trailer opens with shots of what seems to be a beautiful, peaceful, English countryside, but that picturesque vision is soon shaken by the sounds of screams. Unlike the initial teaser, which focused more on the Pride and Prejudice we all recognise, this new trailer hits viewers with bloodthirsty zombies, right from the outset.

The clip goes on to explain the origin of these zombies, complete with sinister shots of the undead stood in the rain, and London burning in riots. As well as this, we get to see some awesome sequences of Lizzie Bennett (Lily James) and her sisters slaying zombies left, right and centre.

Many familiar scenes from the original Austen novel crop up too, albeit with a slightly different tone to accommodate for the horror tropes. Examples include the famous ballroom scene, in which Mr Collins (Matt Smith) expresses his interest in courting one of the Bennett sisters, and the scene where Mr Darcy (Sam Riley) recites his list of what makes an accomplished woman – which includes being skilled in the art of war, obviously.

In fact, there’s quite a bit of Mr Darcy in this trailer compared to the teaser, with Sam Riley’s interpretation of the dark, romantic, brooding hero wielding a sword as much as his love interest. It will certainly be interesting to see how the Austen characters change when they are placed in this new, war- torn setting. Lizzie is known for having a fighting spirit, and from this trailer, it is clear that this twist on the story will explore that even more.

Based on the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith and directed by Burr Steers, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is due to be released in the UK on 12th February 2016. Watch the new trailer below.


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