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It’s the news that every nineties/millennial kid has been waiting for. Ten years after their dramatic split, all three members of the noughties; pop-rock group Busted have reformed and are set to head on a tour of the UK next year. The news has come as something of a surprise, given Charlie Simpson’s previous remarks about reuniting with the band… but what do our writers think?

McBusted were great, but this is just three million times better. I don’t care that I’m too old, I don’t care that it might not last – right now all I care about is that I get to see all of my childhood heroes on the same stage again, playing the music I grew up with. Excitement level: MAX.” – Ben Robins, Film Editor.

In the chapter of my life that was the early 2000s, I had an unhealthy obsession with Busted. Like extremely unhealthy. James was the love of my life, Matt was awesome and I had a sneaking suspicion that Charlie was an egotistical a-hole. But this, this is the news I’ve been waiting for. I don’t think my heart ever healed from that fateful day in 2005, or the day my Dad refused to let me see them at the Broadlands. I’ll be damned if I don’t see them at the BIC.” – Sophie McEvoy, writer.

My face resembled that of a child finding out that she was both going to Disneyland for Christmas and her beloved pet cat was allowed to come too! It may take my housemates until the year 3000 to get my levitating body down from the ceiling!” – Helen Archer, Head of Publicity.

“Does this mean I can wear the screen printed scarf of their faces that I bought in 2002?! Thunderbirds are clearly go!” – Millie Cassidy, Features Editor.

“I love both bands and a part of me is so happy for Busted fans everywhere. But it angers me that people are saying he is only doing this for the money! The success of Fightstar’s latest album says otherwise! He might not know which band he wants to be in, or what genre, but his acoustic solo album from a couple of years ago proved his worth as a musician! And I’ll still always have a soft spot for those eyebrows..” – Emma Harrison Beesley, writer.

“My younger self is screaming right now.” – Anneka Honeyball, News Editor.

I love Busted, always have and always will. They were my first concert when I was 7, I went to the McBusted tour last year… They are great. However, the news wasn’t as pleasing to my ears as others. Charlie has always seemed like an arrogant prat and to be honest, I don’t think he deserved Matt and James’ forgiveness!” – Rehana Nurmahi, writer.

“Even my nine year old self, heartbroken when Busted split, doesn’t really care. But I think that’s more to do with the Space-and-Time Transcending stress and fear that 19-year old me is undergoing.” – George Seabrook, writer.

“As a Fightstar fan, I’m struggling to understand why Charlie’s done this, and especially now. Fightstar released their heaviest album to date only a matter of weeks ago and after all the abuse Charlie’s received from the rock world, Fightstar were just beginning to be seen as the excellent and credit-worthy band that they are, which is how they should have been seen right from the beginning. Charlie spent so long trying to shake off the boyband thing and just when most people have forgotten about Busted, he rejoins. I loved Busted as much as the next 11 year old girl and I’m interested to see what sort of music they come out with, but I am confused about Charlie’s decision, and concerned about the future of Fightstar.” – Lizzie Cooper-Smith, writer.

“I was upset when they broke up at the time, but it was Charlie’s decision and I enjoy listening to the songs they did before. I’m not sure what to think of how it will go (he could pull a Robbie Williams and leave the band after rejoining for a short time), but I’m interested to see what’s going to happen next.” – Augusta Melbourne, writer.

The Verdict: We’re just glad it didn’t take til the Year 3000 for this to happen! Wooo!


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