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Marvel have finally released the first trailer for their highly anticipated superhero ensemble piece, Captain America: Civil War. In this latest instalment of the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, our heroes find themselves at war with one another, after a government proposal to legislate superhero identities proves all too controversial among the leading members of the Avengers. But what do our writers think?

This trailer contained 0% plot and 100% emotion and I can only be led to believe that the Russo brothers have made the cinematic equivalent of a Steve/Bucky fanfic, and I for one am so here for this. I haven’t been this excited about a Marvel film since The Winter Solider; I would rather watch this two minute trailer 71 times than watch Age of Ultron. I also find it amusing that all you have to do to be considered Tony’s friend is to smile at him like, one time. Millie Cassidy, Features Editor.

“I can’t wait to watch the movie. I’m definitely on Cap’s side. I love the action of course, but the emotion and friendship behind all this just makes me wish it was April already! However, that last scene where Cap and Bucky are fighting together against Tony is brutal – leading me to anticipate that the movie won’t only be about action and fight, but about loss, trust, friendship…” – Lisa Veiber, writer.

“It’s certainly following the trend of solo Captain America films in that they are the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies that are most grounded in reality. It’s sobering to see the government becoming a real entity to superheroes and friends becoming enemies. As a pivotal film in the MCU, we can certainly expect to see some drastic movements in the narrative.” – Harvey Rickatson, writer.

“Tony Stark’s black eye is more interesting and emotion-firing for me than any amount of threat offered in the Dawn of Justice trailer. This is going to be the real deal. I am very excited.” – George Seabrook, writer.

“I’m not sure I was mentally prepared for the trailer – my excitement levels just went through the roof. I do get what some people are saying though – the Civil War comics were so massive because there were SO many heroes involved, but maybe that’s a problem that comes from the different studios owning the characters. Nevertheless I am super excited, and thus far it seems that the Russo brothers have lived up to the standard they set in The Winter Soldier.” – Rebecca James, writer.

“Loved the action, loved the face-offs, loved the glimpses of the new Avengers, but I’m still really not sure about the whole Steve/Bucky thing. It just seems like a really underdeveloped friendship so far – hopefully the Russos have fixed it by May, and if they have, I’m fully on-board.” – Ben Robins, Film Editor.

“I’m not okay. Like at all? I’ve been spending all the time since the announcement of this film feeling so pumped for it, but now I’ve seen the trailer, I know that my mind is not mentally prepared enough. Cue crying.” – Rehana Nurmahi, writer.

“Holy shit, Batman!” – Georgia Simpson, Head of Relations.

“I’m not normally the “but in the comics…” guy BUT, this has nowhere near the same sense of scale as the source. Or the same scale as it feels like it should. They were building up a massive world-changing thing, and instead we’re just gonna get the same hero skirmishes that we’ve seen in The Avengers films.” – Harrison Abbott, Culture Editor.

“That last scene showing Bucky and Cap working together to beat Tony down tore me apart. This certainly looks set to be a very harrowing battle between the heroes. I am slightly concerned that certain members of this mega-ensemble might get lost in all the action though… especially Ant-Man – he’s only tiny after all.” – Anneka Honeyball, News Editor.

“The new victor of ‘my least anticipated Marvel film’. They’ve dropped the characters in the hopes of raising the stakes, and they seem to have failed to do that too. What’s left are a drab collection of staring and explosion shots that apparently cover the first two acts (and then some) indicating that the franchise is just one step closer to becoming the most expensive Soap Opera ever made.” – Jack Gracie, Head of Design.

“What is this load of wank? It just feels like unnecessary drama. Either way, I’m betting on Bucky dying.” – Natalie Fordham, Editor.

The Verdict: Sides are beginning to form within The Edge itself, but while some of us may have our own reservations about the finalised film, mostly we’re just excited (and a little bit scared) for what’s to come.


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