The X-Files revival series set to air on Channel 5 in the UK


The X-Files revival series has finally found it’s home on UK television, airing on Channel 5 when the newest season debuts next month.

Channel 5 have also acquired the rights to 20 previous episodes hand picked by creator Chris Carter, which are said to “take viewers through the gripping story of the original series.” The series, which stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, originally aired on FOX and ran for nine seasons during 1993-2002, with two feature films released in 1998 and 2008.

Speaking of the news, Channel 5’s Ben Frow said: “Securing the UK premiere of the hugely anticipated return of The X-Files is a major coup for the channel and will create one of the television events of 2016. This acquisition underlines our ambition to deliever a diverse slate of brilliant, must-see programming on Channel 5.”

The event series is set to air in the US on 25th January 2016, although there has been no word yet as to when exactly it will air on Channel 5.

Watch the latest trailer for the revival series below.


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