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Awards season has officially sprung into action, following this morning’s announcement regarding the Academy Award nominations 2016. The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road proved to be the frontrunners of this year’s Oscar race, having each earned more than 10 nominations. Other films such as The Big Short, Spotlight, Room and The Martian also received a lot of Academy praise. Having had some time to think it over, our writers have come together to discuss their thoughts on the snubs and surprises of this year’s nominations.

“I’m sorry but Saoirse Ronan doesn’t deserve her nomination! There’s no real tension in Brooklyn, it’s all very nice and very simple but I honestly believe any Irish actress could have jumped into this role. The film doesn’t work as cinema, it’s simply too easy and because of this I tuned out very early on. Far too nice and far too simple, this romance does not deserve a nomination in my opinion.” – Natalie Fordham, Editor.

“SO GLAD that Mad Max found love, even if it is in a hopeless place.” – Ben Robins, Film Editor.

“I can see Best Actor being another punching match like 2013, it’s always this sort of set-up when you remember ‘Best Actor’ doesn’t go to ‘most popular performance’ by default; the Academy seem to have a special thing for tough performances or when extra challenges are in play… Redmayne has the edge I’d say as they just love those kinds of performances, though the sheer brutal physical demands of filming The Revenant may stand by Leo. Hesitant to jinx him yet! It’s also cool to see Ex Machina in there, nailed messing with that ‘uncomfortable feeling’ in thrillers. Speaking of, I will always love Tom Hanks, best picture is not disappointing with choices this year!” – Alex Rachwal, writer.

“Leonardo DiCaprio has been delivering Oscar worthy performances for most of his acting career, but has come up against films with a more worthy message (e.g. Dallas Buyers Club vs Wolf of Wall Street). This year however, he seems to be the front runner having teamed up with last year’s Oscar winner director Alejandro Iñárritu. Let’s hope Leo finally gets the award he earned years ago. – Hollie Geraghty, writer.

“I wanted Star Wars: The Force Awakens to be in the running for Best Picture…” – Alex Howard, writer.

“The Academy are an infamously narrow-minded bunch, known for repeatedly eschewing foreign, female, documentary and genre filmmakers in the major categories (though this year’s inclusion of Fury Road is a pleasant surprise). What’s more galling is the lack of nominations for great films that would seem to fit the Academy’s bill, such as Carol, Blackhat, Irrational Man and The Hateful Eight.” – James Slaymaker, writer.

“It’s interesting to see Mad Max: Fury Road with the second highest number of nominations including Best Picture and Director – perhaps the Academy are starting to come around to popular movies? However the lack of Inside Out in the Best Picture race could prove otherwise, as could the lack of significant nominations for The Hateful Eight. Seems like it could be DiCaprio’s year at last but Redmayne (in the biggest Oscar bait role of the year) could win again, and Fassbender could push him down to 3rd place. I’m backing Brie Larson, DiCaprio and The Revenant to win big! – David Mitchell-Baker, writer.

“Breaking news: systemic racism is still in place as every acting nominee is white. Great. In other news, I couldn’t give a damn about DiCaprio this year, the actress battle should be between Larson and Ronan, there are only 8 films nominated for best picture when there can be 10, stunts are continuing to go unrecognised, Alicia Vikander has been nominated but for the wrong film, and Charlize Theron is nowhere to be seen. In summary: the Oscars are still out of touch.” – George Seabrook, writer.

“FUCK YEAH LEO! Finally. With the late release in the UK, Leo should be getting a lot of support. Also, is animated feature even a competition with a Pixar picture in the running? I am disappointed that Inside Out isn’t in the running for Best Picture though!” – Georgia Simpson, Head of Relations.

“Confused and disappointed that Carol isn’t up there for Best Picture. At least Room and Brooklyn are there though. The Oscars continue to be as overwhelmingly white as a Donald Trump rally.” – Millie Cassidy, Features Editor.

“Glad to see Ex Machina getting some nods and also very glad to see Lady Gaga’s ‘Til It Happens To You’ nominated for Best Song. First a Golden Globe, now an Oscar…” – Lewis Taplin, Deputy Editor.

“I’m surprised about how little Oscar love Carol received, given all the hype that’s lead up to this point. I’m also a bit skeptical as to why Jennifer Lawrence has been nominated for Joy. I love her, but this certainly isn’t her best film or her best performance. Personally, I’m rooting for Leo and Brie Larson!” Anneka Honeyball, News Editor.


The Verdict: Despite a couple of long-standing qualms with the Academy, we’re reasonably happy with this year’s nominations – COME ON LEO!!


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    • Sorry, no, yeah. They sort of are. Though you have reminded me of when Rock presented the award for Best Animated Feature in 2012;

      “In the world of animation, you can be anything you wanna be. If you’re a fat woman, you can play a skinny princess. If you’re short wimpy guy, you can play a tall gladiator. If you’re a white man, you can play an Arabian prince. And if you’re a black man, you can play a donkey or a zebra.”

      • I was about to say that in the Academy’s defence there haven’t been many ethnic minorities in big films this year, to which the blame would be aimed at Hollywood as a whole, but then I remembered that this year brought Creed (Michael B. Jordan should be nominated), and Straight Outta Compton which should be recognised in at least one category. So my point has become completely redundant and I would like to retract it 😛

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