Foo Fighters address break-up rumours in a spoof video – watch


After days of countless rumours of Foo Fighters breaking up due to Dave Grohl longing for a solo career after his performance at the Oscars, the band have finally addressed the gossip once and for all.

Amidst the uproar of speculation, the band took to social media yesterday (Wednesday 2nd March) to pre-announce an important announcement, asking fans to stay tuned. Speculations began to arise even further. Were the band actually breaking up? Were they re-announcing their already known hiatus (that began last October)?

Foo Fighters eventually posted a video entitled ‘Official Band Announcement’, which in turn silenced both the fans and media for speculating over such utter idiocy of the band parting ways. Instead of addressing the rumors outright, the band took to portraying the roles that had been painted of them in the past few weeks.

Producer Butch Vig lends a hand at crafting Grohl’s new electronica-inspired solo career, which eventually takes a more vocal-centric route. Meanwhile Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear gossip about Grohl over the phone, and hold a meeting to decide who is going to replace him, with frontrunners including Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell and even Phil Collins, since he’s the original singer that came out from behind the drum kit.

All in all, the Foo’s did what they do best in regards to addressing rumors, highlighting the stupidity of why anyone would think they would split up or why Grohl would go onto pursue a solo career.

Although it would be interesting to see where Grohl’s imagined electronic rap career would take him, I for one am down for a release of ‘Phony Baloney’ and ‘Free to Be Me’. Watch the video below.


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