The original X-Files series set to air on Spike


Beginning 14th March, Spike will air every episode of the original X-Files series every weeknight, from the 1993 pilot onwards.

The X-Files revival is nearing its end on British television over on Channel 5, so for those left with an X-Files shaped hole in their heart after season 10 finishes, Spike will fill the void with the original series.

There’s no word whether Spike will go all the way up to Season 10, but the original series of the show has 202 episodes, 9 seasons and 2 movies under it’s belt, so there will be plenty of time to catch up.

If you’ve never seen the series from the beginning before but enjoyed the revival (and can’t afford the extortionate price of the boxsets), now’s your chance!

And if you’re a fan that already has five or more variations of said boxsets, it won’t hurt to watch it actually air on television again. It’s time to relive the late 90s/early 2000s all over again!

You can watch Spike on Freeview Channel 31, Freesat Channel 141 and Sky Channel 160.


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  1. Hi Sophie,I’m loving the re-runs of the X Files! I’m desperate to know what the brilliant background music is in the trailer on Spike!
    Any Ideas?!

    Mike Heeley.

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