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HBO has finally released the first eagerly awaited trailer for Game of Thrones‘ sixth season. Fans have been speculating over what will happen in the next chapter of the fantasy series since last year’s shocking season five finale, in which Jon Snow was seemingly killed off, after a vicious attack from disgruntled members of the Night’s Watch. The mystery behind this upcoming season is only intensified with the knowledge that the show’s source material – George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice And Fire series – has finally run out of steam; meaning that avid readers will no longer have one up on viewers. But what do our writers think of what’s to come?

“April can’t come fast enough. It looks like Cersei’s about to get back on top – ‘I choose violence’ – and Bran Stark, fully stood up, with the White Walker King? I am bursting inside.” – James Barker, writer.

“So I think it’s pretty clear that the party is over. Everything that these people have done is about to be revisited upon them tenfold. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the most satisfying seasons yet – hopefully we’re going to see the characters we love prevailing, and the ones we hate paying their dues. Above all, I just can’t wait to see Cersei crush The Sparrows. Oh and Jon Snow? He is 100% coming back. If he’s actually dead I will film myself eating a hat and post it on the Edge.” – Scott Williams, writer.

“The trailer proves yet again how incredible the show is. To cram all that information and suspense into something lasting a minute and 41 seconds is quite impressive to be honest. April can’t come any sooner!” – Sean McDonnell, writer.

“I don’t watch GoT, but Lena Headey definitely has the cheekbones for a pixie cut (though I don’t believe that one suits her as best it could), Someone appears to find telling the future with fire unreliable, which I could probably have told you…A man looked at some jewelery, then stared dramatically into the distance. That’s probably significant in some way. 0:55 man your V neck is very low cut, brave, good for you. I’m glad they reminded me that there are giant frosty zombie men that could attack at any moment, because honestly I know so little about this series and it seems so rarely mentioned that I didn’t know if I made it up. And the soundtrack is by James Vincent McMorrow, who is a cool dude. That’s it that’s all I’ve got.” – Millie Cassidy, Features Editor.

“Uncharted waters for book readers now. Looks like it could be the best season yet. I wonder if Jon Snow has learned anything now?” – Robert Pratley, writer

The suspense is killing me, just like the show seems to be killing all of the characters apparently. I’m looking forward to this season because we can see what Arya gets up to – she’s a taken a really feisty turn and I love it! Daenerys is looking a bit worse for wear though…” – Sophie Hart, writer.

“Despite having read all the books so far, I’m as much in the dark going into this season as everyone else, but damn this trailer sold me on the new season – I am so in! GoT really knows how to cut a great trailer and this had all the usual things we’ve come to expect; intense, yet subtle dialogue, epic battles, and best of all, they didn’t give away too much story *cough* season four trailer *cough* I, unlike others, loved season five and season six looks like it’s about to break onto a whole new level! Cersei’s gon’ be a bad bitch!” – David Mitchell-Baker, writer.

“Book readers such as myself are heading into uncharted territory and the anticipation is at fever pitch level. If season six is anywhere nearly as good as the other five seasons, we’re in for a treat.” – Chris Meads, writer.

“I’m ready to see the Lannisters wreak vengeance and kick ass. They’ve been my favourite house from the beginning and I don’t think they’re going to disappoint this season. Sansa looks rather well/majestic considering everything she went through last season and Melisandre seems to have finally realised the extent of her own bullshit… albeit way too late. I’m also intrigued by that final clip of Sir Davos clutching for Jon’s sword and, by the sounds of it, getting ready to slaughter some treacherous night’s watch-men. At least I hope that’s what it means. I’m still in denial that Jon will remain dead (Surely Kit Harington wouldn’t keep that haircut if he didn’t have to?), but IF he does, then Castle Black must burn with that little shit Olly trapped inside. I need bloody closure!” – Anneka Honeyball, News Editor.

The Verdict: The night is dark and full of terrors, and so is this trailer. We’re as scared as we are excited, but if one thing’s certain, it’s that we can’t wait for the season to finally launch.

Game of Thrones: Season Six will launch on Sky Atlantic on 25th April. Watch the trailer below.


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