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Marvel is still very much driving the hype train for their upcoming superhero epic, Captain America: Civil War, and after several semi-exciting previous trailers and TV spots, the studio have finally unleashed their secret weapon: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Appearing at the end of this latest trailer, the newest reiteration of Peter Parker has pretty much divided the internet, bringing both joy and disappointment to fans. And of course, the newest glimpses of Black Panther, Ant-Man and the ever-burgeoning rivalry between Iron Man and Cap has also caused much intrigue. But what do our writers think?

“When this was first suggested, I didn’t think it would work as a film, but now I’m starting to get a little excited. It looks as though Marvel have gone back to basics, like the first Avengers and not tried to over do it too much with emotion, instead going all out for the action, as it’s meant to be. Also….SPIDER-MAN!” – Natalie Fordham, Editor.

“This is really the first thing that I’ve seen that’s got me actually excited for Civil War, in a way that all the trailers and Marvel machine hype before hadn’t. The Spider-man thing besides (oh my gosh, listen to his little squeaky teenage voice! I love it!), I feel like they’re finally giving this film some proper emotional drive instead of the arbritary ‘pick a side’ the marketing has provided until now. I don’t care about that, they’re not meant to be good vs evil. This trailer finally delivered Tony the emotional drive that we’ve been lacking, attempting to move on and peacefully deal with his mistakes in AoU, and though we’re already crying over Steve and Bucky, those slick line-up money shots showing off the cast at the end (with Spider-man! Little cute Spider-man!) really did it for me. I’m finally, finally properly stoked for Civil War!” – Millie Cassidy, Features Editor.

“I’m as enthusiastic as Spider-Man sounds… which is not very.” – Jack Gracie, Head of Design.

“I always say in regards to the MCU movies, “this could be a game changer”; they cut such awesome trailers and get me super hyped for the films and convince me that the movies are gonna be epic, but most of the time I’m underwhelmed slightly by the final product *cough* Age of Ultron *cough*, but I can confidently say it now – this WILL BE a game changer. It looks incredible. Winter Soldier is by far the best MCU movie (Guardians of the Galaxy perhaps a close second) but this looks like it’s gonna blow even that out of the water; the stakes are high, the action looks great, the ensemble cast is phenomenal and the whole good vs good/conflicting ideologies storyline looks fascinating, it’s something we’ve never seen before. It’s a ballsy step from Marvel to do this movie and it looks like it’s gonna pay off.” – David Mitchell-Baker, writer.

“This trailer is far better than the previous ones. Finally, we have a glimpse of Spider-Man, some clues about what is opposing Captain America to Iron Man, and a preview of the abilities of these new amazing heroes (Black Panther). It is more and more obvious that there will be a lot of action scenes. I can’t wait to watch tis sensational movie and to find out which side will win, if any of them do. #TeamIronMan” – Lisa Vieber, writer.

“The Winter Soldier is arguably the best Marvel film to date and that was because Bucky and Cap’s relationship was poignantly explored and considered. Age of Ultron suffered because it didn’t have a relationship like this to explore in it. It looks like Marvel have gone back to that integral focus and this can only be a good thing. War, even for superheroes, will still be violent and costly and so far, I get the impression the film will have a strong resemblance to the comic storyline. Add that to the fact that Black Panther looks amazing and Civil War looks a strong contender for best Superhero film of the year and maybe even best in the series if it all pans out right.” – Robert Pratley, writer.

“All I can say is I am so helplessly excited for this. These trailers just keep getting better, and I really think Marvel are capable of pulling out all the stops for this; I don’t believe for a second that we will be let down by what I first thought would just be another, overdone, overplayed superhero film. It looks like so much more than that, PLUS Spider-Man!!” – Sophie Trenear, writer.

“I don’t like the look of Spider-Man very much.” – Alex Howard, writer.

“They didn’t even need to show Spider-Man, that’s how great this trailer is. The way BLACK PANTHER moves! The sense of betrayal you get from Tony. THE line “I could do this all day”… If DC released Batman V Superman now, I’d still be more excited about Civil War.” – George Seabrook, writer.

“Good to see some other heroes in the mix, hopefully they’ll get the screen time they deserve instead of being shoved aside by the more high-profile ones *cough* Heimdall in Thor *cough* and we know that Spider-man is going to be a heart-throb in any situation, that’s a given. But this doesn’t visually impress me; we’ve seen the same cinematography in the trailers for all the other Marvel films. I’m all for the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” maxim but come on, this is just boring to look at.” – Oli Polhill, Live Executive.

“It’s a far, far, far better trailer than the others but I’m still missing the whole epic scale of Civil War. As far as Spider-Man goes I’m still a little confused. I’ll wait ’til I see more of him to pass proper judgement (that one clip seemed kinda random and disjointed), but I seriously hope they use far better voice recordings in the finished film.” – Ben Robins, Film Editor.

“Oh yay, the 4728291th trailer for this film. Basically seen it already now – not that this will stop me drooling over Spiderman in a local cinema next month, mind… damn you Marvel.” – Marcus Bridgland, writer.

“After the first trailer, I was starting to worry that my faith in this film had been misplaced; but this trailer has defo won it back for me. I’m so super excited to see the newbies in action- both the Spider-Man and Black Panther sequences in this trailer made my heart leap. I’m just really excited to see how they show the changing dynamics within the Avengers in this film, and as long as it kicks Age of Ultron’s lame ass; I am buzzing!” – Rehana Nurmahi, writer.

“I wish Paul W.S. Anderson would make a Marvel movie.” – James Slaymaker, writer.

“The last couple of trailers really pale in comparison to this one – I feel like this one has really captured the essence of the movie, without giving *too much* away. I’m still heartbroken by what certainly appears to be the death of Rhodey and Tony’s sad little face. But Black Panther looks SO badass and I’m so pleased that we can actually get a glimpse of Ant-Man this time! Scarlet Witch also looks like something of a dark horse (what is she doing to Vision??) and I loved that penultimate sequence with them both running at each other. So excited to see Spider-Man. A bit disappointed by the lack of Hawkeye, but WHATEVER. Bring on April.” – Anneka Honeyball, News Editor.

The Verdict: Alright Marvel. We’re officially excited. But please, no more trailers. WE JUST WANT THE FILM NOW!

Captain America: Civil War will hit UK cinemas on 29th April. Watch the new trailer below.


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