Lionsgate reveal extensive auction of Hunger Games props


With four films, three books, a number of companion titles and a total worldwide grossing of $2.9682 billion, it’s probably safe to say that The Hunger Games has become a worldwide young-adult and teenage phenomenon over the last seven years. And now, with the original trilogy (or quadrology in the film franchise’s case) over, rumours and whispers began to circulate of sequels and prequels which would expand further on the world of Panem and possibly focus on some characters who were more marginalised in the series, or didn’t get as much focus as they deserved. I know personally I didn’t like this idea and I even wrote an article against it when these rumours reared their ugly head.

Thankfully, these rumours appear to have burned out faster than the girl on fire, and Lionsgate appear to be correctly letting the legacy of The Hunger Games live on through a fire-sale auction on 20th May, selling iconic props from the series. Fans didn’t like the ideas of sequels or prequels and it looks like in this case fan power has won, and Lionsgate have moved on. What’s also important is to praise Lionsgate for allowing genuine (albeit deep pocketed) fans and organisations, who are all connected and touched by the series, a chance to own a prop from the trilogy. As Lionsgate Executive Vice President Kerry Phelan poignantly finishes the catalogue introduction with, ‘The fire will burn forever.’

Although it might not necessarily help ‘cherish and preserve Katniss Everdeen’s epic journey’ as much as a museum exhibition or prop collection on display (potentially at Lionsgate’s supposed new theme park?) because some of the props may never be seen again, one would hope that the people buying them would be proudly displaying and promoting the piece of history that they would have from the series.

Most staggeringly though, is the range of items in the auction. From the ‘Mellark Bakery’ sign in the first film, to the mock weapon collections in the training centre an all four of Katniss’ iconic bows, fans can literally get anything from the series if they are willing to pay enough. Estimates range from $200 for minor items which featured in small scenes or less integral parts of the film, whereas some of the key props like Katniss’ leather jacket and hunting bow will set you back around $15,000. And of course, if some die-hard deep-pocket fanatics get involved in bidding, you can expect the price to ramp up even further than that.

Alas, I don’t think I will be able to afford any of the items as much as I’d like to, blaming university for that. But it will certainly be interesting to watch the bidding process. May the odds be ever in your favour.

To see the full catalogue of items up for auction, visit The World of The Hunger Games’ website.


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