Top Gear’s return is met with mixed reviews


Top Gear has exploded back onto Sunday nights, to much shouting from Chris Evans, and bizarre American humour from Matt Le Blanc.

It was met with mixed reviews from critics and fans alike – ranging from the creation of the hashtag ‘#RIPTopGear’, but some people were impressed with the changes made to the show now that Clarkson, May and Hammond are gone.

Twitter in general seemed to completely slate the return, with one viewer saying: ‘No chemistry between presenters, far too scripted. Evans is annoying already. Funny in the odd part but overall disappointed #TopGear’. Television personality Carol Vorderman said that, due to how disappointing she found the episode, she was looking forward to watching Clarkson, May and Hammond’s new show on Amazon Prime, The Grand Tour.

However, occasionally viewers did say anger against Top Gear was unfair, urging viewers to be ‘open minded’, and saying that ‘everyone hated the new #TopGear because it’s cool to do so’.

The Guardian‘s review perhaps surmised the middle of the road reception Top Gear‘s return was largely met with. “Matt Le Blanc needs to carry on being Matt Le Blanc, as he’s quite good at it. But Chris Evans should relax and stop trying to be Jeremy Clarkson. The whole show needs to do more to escape the shadow of the old Top Gear. Then it might be… OK.” High praise, Guardian.

You can look forward to The Edge‘s review of Top Gear‘s return in the next few days.

Top Gear will continue to air it’s new six part series on Sundays at 8pm on BBC Two.


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