Foo Fighters sue over cancelled concerts


Foo Fighters are suing their insurer Lloyd’s of London, over failed reimbursement for a series of concerts cancelled during the last troubled year for the band.

The alternative band are claiming they are due payments for a variety of cancellations, including two axed UK gigs as a result of the Paris attacks, and shows in cities such as Turin, Paris, Lyon and Barcelona, that were cancelled due to further threats, following their website being hacked. Further allegations are being made over three shows that were scrapped, after Dave Grohl famously broke his leg on stage in Gothenburg, Sweden last year.

The complaint directly states: “[the insurers]began searching for ways to limit their payment obligations on the other three performances, including the two Wembley Stadium shows, which represented the largest potential gross income.” It also targets Lloyd’s head, Robertson Taylor, who according to the band: “failed to adequately advise the band of the potential impact these additional shows could have on their claim for coverage… and failed to adequately inform the band that, if it decided to add these shows to the Tour, the London Market Insurers would attempt to recharacterize the cancelled Wembley Stadium and BT Murrayfield Stadium performances” as being “rescheduled.”

Foo Fighters had earlier this year pranked their fan-base by claiming they had an important announcement, leading to many speculating they were going to break up. However, this announcement was merely a prank for the fans, following claims that Grohl had annouunced solo intentions.

The band are expected to take an extended hiatus, however, as they work on new material. You can listen to their most recent release, ‘Saint Cecelia’ below:


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