Warner Bros release second trailer for Storks


Calling all animation fans, we might have just found this year’s big hit, and it’s adorable.

Warner Animation Group’s new film, Storks follows the adventures of Tulip and Junior as they attempt to deliver one last baby. In defiance of their boss, closing up their shipping company to focus on packages deliveries, the titular heroes Tulip and Junior secretly attempt to deliver one last baby to a little boy desperate for a sibling.

As shown in the trailer, what Junior and Tulip hoped would be an uneventful delivery is anything but, as their travels take a detour. They encounter characters from all over the globe including wolves and penguins; and must escape a determined pigeon who seeks to expose their plans and ultimately stop the delivery.

The film promises to be a lighthearted, family friendly film filled with laugh out loud moments. The trailer also promises some characters who are too adorable for their own good so beware, cooing and squealing in the cinema is likely. And, as animation films become even more popular, aiming at both adults and children, Storks promises to have it all: good laughs, developed characters, and a solid story to entertain all audiences.

Storks stars the vocal talents of Andy Samberg, Jennifer Aniston and Danny Trejo amongst others, and is out in the cinemas on 23rd September 2016. Watch the trailer below:


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