Woody Harrelson admits True Detective season 2 wasn’t up to scratch


If True Detective season 1 was punchy, gritty and exciting, full of drama, suspense and impressive dialogue, then season 2 was the exact opposite, weighed down by expectation it could not match. As a result, it led to wooden acting, verbose dialogue and stock characters who would fit better in a spaghetti Western than intricate crime drama.

It ultimately led to HBO boss Michael Lombardo apologising, and was possibly a key catalyst in events that resulting in his resignation. But now, Woody Harrelson, who so impressively starred in Detective’s first season as Martin Hart alongside Matthew McConaughey’s Rust Cohle has admitted the second season failed to match the quality of the first.

Harrelson, who was credited as an executive producer stated: “I never even went to the set on the second one – I didn’t really deserve my executive producer status.” He even admitted “I didn’t even read the damn script! But I’d like to think if we did a third season, I’d be well on top of it, making sure it was great.”

The actor, who stars in Now You See Me 2, out this July affirmed hopes for a third season, but confirmed he would only be operating behind the scenes adding “I think it’s a great brand, and I think if we got everything right – the writing, direction, acting and everything – in the third season, if it ever happened, it would be possible to make it much better.”

This will, however, come as a blow to fans who wanted to see Cohle and Hart return together on-screen, especially after McConaughey expressed interest as returning to his role.

True Detective has two seasons which first aired in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Watch the trailer for the first season below:


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