Ralph Fiennes reveals who told him to be Voldemort


Ralph Fiennes, who famously played the Dark Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter film series has revealed that his sister spurned him to take the now-iconic role.

Speaking to The Metro, Fiennes admitted when asked about his experience with the fantasy magic series: “I took ages to be persuaded to do Harry Potter and I have no regrets at all.” But the man who would become Tom Riddle did confess that he previously had other thoughts saying: “I didn’t know the books. I had seen the first Harry Potter film and I didn’t feel that sort of material was something that appealed to me.”

Fiennes revealed it took a heart-to-heart with his sister to spur him to play the villain: “But then my sister rang me up and said, ‘They’ve asked you to play Voldemort. Do you not realise how big this is? She has children who were reading Harry Potter, so suddenly I became aware.”

But for those who hope Fiennes will return to playing the antagonist in his future works will be disappointed, as he stated he has no interest in returning to villain roles, in his words “the end of the road for bad guys.” This seems unsurprising when you consider how iconic and terrifying he was in the role as the Dark Lord, the tag will forever stick to him after all given the popularity of Harry Potter.

Ralph Fiennes most recently starred in Hail Caesar released on 5th February 2016. Watch Fiennes as the Dark Lord below:


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