Jeff Goldblum reads ‘Independence Day for Kids’ book – watch


As if we couldn’t love Jeff Goldblum more than we already do, the Goldblum delights the world with a retelling on the 1996 film Independence Day…for kids. For those who were too young to watch the film on its initial release – or weren’t even born yet – Jeff’s got you covered.

This video (created by Mashable) comes after Empire’s podcast with the man himself, in which Jeff serenades our ears about a foggy day in London town. It is obviously timed to coincide with the worldwide release of the sequel Independence Day: Resurgence, which was released on the 4th July.

After relishing in his soothing voice and rhyming skills, what better way can a story told by Jeff Goldblum end than with him cooing, “Go to sleep now, Jeff Goldblum loves you very much.

We don’t deserve this man. At all. Watch the beautiful tale below, and see for your own eyes. And see Independence Day: Resurgence in cinemas now.


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