More Blade Runner 2 concept art revealed


Last week, Entertainment Weekly treated fans of the 1982 sci-fi dystopian flick Blade Runner with the first reveal of two new pieces of concept art for its upcoming 2017 sequel.

Both showcase the films setting of Los Angeles – albeit several decades after the first film took place and snow instead of rain. Director David Villeneuve told Entertainment Weekly: “The climate has gone berserk – the ocean, the rain, the snow is all toxic.”

The reveal today brings us deeper into Los Angeles, giving us a sneak peek of street life within the city. The art seems to be depicting a train station surrounded by neon lights, clearly staying true to the aesthetic of the first film.

Villeneuve states “I’ve always been attracted to science-fiction films with strong visual signatures that lead us into unique parallel worlds and the original Blade Runner is by far the best of all time.

“Ridley Scott had the genius to blend science-fiction and film noir to create this unique exploration of human condition. The new Blade Runner is an extension of the first movie a few decades later.”

Whilst the sequel is to begin principal photography this month, the cast has already been announced including the likes of Harrison Ford (reprising his role as Deckard), Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista and Ana de Armas.

Remind yourself of the 1982 classic below.


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