Sherlock season four trailer released- Watch


The BBC have released a first full trailer for the fourth season of the popular crime drama, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

The teaser begins with James Moriarty (Andrew Scott) echoing his iconic words from season 3, “Did you miss me?”, before a shot of a pensive Sherlock, with the worried voice-over that “Something’s coming.” It is clear Sherlock is still not necessarily welcome, with a number of Government officials eying him with suspicion.

One thing that appears to have changed is: “It’s not a game” in the words of Molly Hooper (Louise Brealey). With the past season raising tension up to eleven with Holmes seemingly coming back from the dead, clearly the stakes once again are much higher. As the trailer states: “Everyone they know is under threat”, even loyal companion Watson (Martin Freeman). Judging by the gunshots and violence, not to mention the large explosion in the trailer, this is certainly going to be a key driver of the plotline, as Sherlock fights to stay safe, and also sane.

Mycroft’s (Mark Gatiss) harrowing statement; “The roads we walk have demons beneath… And yours have been waiting for a very long time” is perhaps one of the coldest moments in the trailer, along with Mrs Hudson snarling: “You reptile!” at the mild-mannered Goverment official, and so, it appears this season will be darker, and more dangerous for our socio-path tortured genius protagonist once more.

Sherlock returns in 2017. Watch the trailer below.


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