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Once again, its that time of year when the news section explodes with stories, confirmations and rumours from the San Diego Comic Con convention. This year, we have already seen notable drops in the form of the Fantastic Beasts trailer and Kong: Skull Island, but the main talking point has been Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot was easily one of the best qualities in the underwhelming Batman vs. Superman this year, and quite frankly the prospect of a solo film is a brilliant one. A tantalising look at the first footage certainly promises a lot…but so did BvS and that was wholly disappointing. With Justice League just round the corner, DC can hardly afford another poor performance, especially with Marvel’s stellar upcoming release schedule. Here, our writers have offered their verdicts on the new DC film.

I’m not nearly as invested in DC as I am with Marvel, so I was a little apprehensive about this, but from what I can see in this trailer, I think Wonder Woman’s going to be quite good! It’s got a First Avenger feel to it – with Diana taking on the Cap role and Chris Pine being the new Peggy-type (which I’m totally down for). I also really like the feminist tone that the trailer presents – the world is in dire need of a strong female-led superhero movie. This might be it.” – Anneka Honeyball, Editor

“I’m feeling really conflicted about this film. With a history of failed films and TV shows, Wonder Woman has proven to be a problematic character to get right which makes me anxious about which direction this film is going to go. It really seems like DC is trying to build a cinematic universe equal to Marvel’s in a fraction of the time and it just doesn’t feel like it’s working to me. The entire trailer feels clunky and clichéd in places with lines like, “You have been my greatest love.” feeling stilted, not sentimental. On the other hand, a solo female-led superhero film is something that I can completely get behind and, in theory, would love to see. Only time (and future trailers!) will tell.” – Holly Hammond, Writer

“An excellent trailer, and Gadot proves once again what an inspired casting she was for the role. Having said that, Batman vs. Superman did a trailer well. And then massively disappointed. So I am keeping my expectations down… besides that super cool glowing whip…”- Rob Pratley, News Editor

“I honestly feel as though this might work. Whilst the mythology and lore of Wonder Woman seems rather jumbled and confusing, the action looks polished, slick and awesomely stylised. I for one, really enjoy the casting of Gal Gadot as Diana and hope Patty Jenkins knocks it out the park, high hopes!Eddy Tesfay, Writer 

Honestly Chris Pine was the best thing about this. It was such a weirdly edited trailer, I can’t make sense of how any of the clips could fit together in one movie. The stunt work all looked dreadfully over-choreographed and the delivery of some of the lines was awful. I’d like this movie to be good but it’s not off to a great start.” – David Mitchell-Baker, Writer

“This trailer is SO great. The production design of Themyscira AND of the WWI Earth is fantastic. The costumes (especially Diana’s blue dress), are gorgeous. The action, though a little too Snyder-y quick-slow style, is BRIGHT and involves a GLOWING LASSO! The lines are big and bold and optimistic, like comic book dialogue. Gal Gadot looks like an absolute badass, playing a really interesting, dominant version of a fish out of water. WONDER WOMAN DEFLECTS A MORTAR WITH HER SHIELD! AMAZONS ON A BEACH FIGHTING SOLDIERS WITH BOWS AND ARROWS! THAT THEME! If for literally nothing else, by golly does this look like fun.” – George Seabrook, Writer

“I think this film has the potential to be really great, and the trailer has definitely made me feel more confident about its quality. I’m still not loving Wonder Woman’s armour (boob-shaped chest pieces are a no-no for so many reasons), but the film seems to be shaping up to be a superhero period piece which is giving me serious Captain America: The First Avenger vibes – part old-time-y drama, part fun, explosive action, which, in my view, is a winning combination. Down for it!”  Sarah Corrigan, Writer

The Verdict: Mixed reviews from The Edge on this one; some like it, others hate it. In general, the reception is positive, but it appears the threat of Civil War is certainly possible… (Wait, wrong brand)

Make your own mind up and watch the trailer below.


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