Trailer for The Flash season 3 released- Watch


CW has released the trailer for the third season of The Flash during San Diego Comic Con.

The entire series is set to deal with ramifications following the climax of season two, when Barry decided to change history by saving his mother.

In this brief teaser for the new series, Barry is reunited with his parents but all the other people he cared about don’t appear to remember him. While Iris is keen to try to understand Barry’s weird behaviour towards her, Jo and Cisco do not seem to want anything to do with him at all.

The Flash will also encounter Kid Flash, aka Wally West, but it is currently unknown if they will be a partnership, rivals or even possibly enemies. The only confirmed detail is that the Flash will definitely have to pay for changing the past, but what exactly the price will be is so far unknown.

The Flash is also set to potentially undergo a character change this season, with some hints pointing towards a darker storyline which will see him portrayed as an anti-hero.

The third season of The Flash is set to be released on 4th October 2016. Watch the trailer below:


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