Sequel to Professor Layton series revealed


The sequel series to the popular puzzle game series Professor Layton has been unveiled.

The new series, named Lady Layton will feature the daughter of the in-game protagonist, Hershel Layton. The previous arc of the popular puzzle series concluded last year with the launch of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, although the final game in the series so far in terms of chronology is the November 2008 release Professor Layton and the Lost Future.

The new protagonist, Cattley Eyl Layton has the distinctly classic and quintessential British design, and blends in well with the current artistic style of the series. It does appear that the original duo of Luke and Layton will not feature prominently, with a new cast prominent in the trailer. You would imagine they would feature somewhere, perhaps as a ‘returning puzzle’ Easter Egg, which the Layton games have become famous for.

In terms of play, although little information is known so far about the new game, it appears the mix of storyline and puzzle-oriented progression in-game, a winning formula will be retained, but the cinematic appearance does appear to have shifted to being more in style of anime, rather than the original shaded style.

Lady Layton is out in Japan in Spring 2017. Watch the trailer for the latest entry into the franchise below:


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