Matt Damon in Ancient China?! The Great Wall recieves its first trailer- Watch


Legendary Chinese director Zhang Yimou, best known for cult classics House of Flying Daggers and Hero is making his first foray into English markets with The Great Wall.

Starring Matt Damon, and Andy Lau, the film promises to tell the tale of “an elite force making a valiant stand for humanity on the world’s most iconic structure” according to the official synopsis at least.

Although the first trailer doesn’t show us too much, we do get a pretty intense shot of Matt Damon channelling his Jason Bourne violence once again, by fighting a mysterious dragon, or dinosaur, or dragon-dinosaur hybrid. Might be a bit of Godzilla thrown in too.

Image via Universal.

Image via Universal.

The film, which is set in the Northern Song Dynasty talks about the Wall, which took over 1,700 years to build, over the dynasty which spanned from 959 A.D. to 1126 A.D. Being over 5,000 miles long, it is clearly keeping something pretty big out. You can see a glimpse of the creature’s foot to the right.

With Legendary Pictures giving the film a budget of $135m, this is the biggest film to date to be solely shot in China, and marks Zhang’s first attempt to crack the Euro-American markets, with a film being labelled as science-fantasy-adventure-monster movie in 3D. Wow.

The Great Wall is released in cinemas on 24th February 2017. Watch the trailer below:


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