Jared Leto calls 30 Seconds To Mars’ new album “very sexual”


Jared Leto, frontman of rock band 30 Seconds to Mars, has revealed the band’s new album is getting “closer and closer to being finished,” describing the new sound as: “very sexual.”

Speaking to NME, Leto said the new album will be “very, very different” to their previous projects, the last of which was the concept album Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams released in 2013. Leto continued: “I think our last album was maybe a bridge between where we were and where we are now.”

When asked to describe the new album in three words, Leto remarked “It’s very sexual. That’s three syllables, not three words, but it’ll have to do.”

Talking about 30STM’s evolution, Leto said “I think that’s exciting. Every time you make an album, every time write a song, you have the ability to redefine, reimagine and to experiment and take chances. I’m a big believer that it’s okay to let go of your past and explore new territory, so that’s what we’re doing.”

The 30STM frontman, who also plays The Joker in Suicide Squad, has also said that his recent work as the classic DC villain hasn’t influenced his work on the album. He stated: “I think I’ve had enough dark and twisted with 30 Seconds To Mars over the years,” before further affirming, “I don’t need any Joker input, we’ve gone through our dark, twisted period. We’re more in our aspirational, self-reflective period or something.”

“But we are working on our fifth album right now,” he continued. “We’ve written about 40 or 50 songs and we’re getting closer and closer to being finished. I always want to put an album out sooner. Every time I make an album I go on tour and say I’m going to make an album fast this time, in a year or two, but it always takes me four years. I’m just so slow.”

Suicide Squad is out in cinemas now. Listen to 30 Seconds to Mars’ 2013 hit ‘Up In The Air’ below.


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