Nostalgic News: Abba released ‘Dancing Queen’ 40 years ago today


Who hasn’t belted out that they are a dancing queen, young and sweet, and only 17? If you say you haven’t, you’re probably lying.

The lead single from Swedish quartet Abba’s fourth studio album, Arrival, and the Abba anthem of all time, ‘Dancing Queen’ was first released 40 years ago today, on 16th August 1976. The track became their only number one hit in America, whilst simultaneously topping the charts in 15 different countries across the globe. The track continues to be one of the greats of disco compilation albums, and makes frequent appearances at (probably) the majority of family parties. To date, it has sold over three million copies worldwide.

The development of ‘Dancing Queen’ began as a dance track written by Bjorn Ulvaes and Benny Andersson in August 1975 as a demo called ‘Boogaloo’, which probably wouldn’t have achieved quite the same level of acclaim as the track’s final title. It sparked the beginning of Abba’s ‘Classic Era’ which would span for the following four years of the band’s career.

A myriad of artists have since covered Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’, with others performing it live in concert. Even The Sex Pistols have covered it, along with the likes of Belle and Sebastian, Robyn, S Club 7 and U2. That the track is still being covered and played today only goes to show the longevity Abba have achieved with ‘Dancing Queen’, and it is sure to continue to be a glittering disco anthem for every generation.

According to Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans, when ‘Dancing Queen’ was played at a Windsor Castle event, Queen Elizabeth II said, “I always try to dance when this song comes on because I am the Queen and I like to dance.” The truth of this quote may be in the balance, but, it is fun to envision The Queen as a Dancing Queen.

Remind yourself of Abba’s timeless classic below.


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