Bring Me The Horizon’s Jordan Fish set to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro for Friends of PICU


Jordan Fish, the keyboardist for British rock band Bring Me The Horizon has announced today that he will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro alongside band-member and friend Oliver Sykes in honour of local charity ‘Friends of PICU’.

Fish took to to relay the tragic events that occurred recently when his new-born son Eliot suffered a Brain Haemorrhage. Following this horrendous event, Eliot was taken to the Paedriatic Intensive Care Unit in Southampton.

Fish clearly was very grateful for their assistance, praising them by writing: “The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit in Southampton is the lead centre in South Central England. Their 14 bed purpose built unit cares for children from birth up to 18 years of age. They care for patients with some of the most complex illnesses and injuries and work closely with specialists from all surgical and medical areas. The unit, which looks after 950 to 1,000 patients per year from across southern and central England, is the sixth largest PICU in the UK by number of admissions and has one of the best survival rates. Children are referred to them from hospitals as far afield as Plymouth, Milton Keynes and the Channel Islands.”

Fish subsquently decided to enbark on a January trek to Mt. Kilimanjaro alongside band member Oli Sykes, saying: ‘I decided that I would focus myself on doing something positive for the ward and trying to raise enough money to pay for a new bed for them. Oli asked immediately if he could join me and help raise as much awareness for this cause as possible.’ Sykes and Fish will complete an eight-day trek, which could involve up to fourty-seven hours of hiking to raise money for Southampton PICU.

Click the following link to donate to Jordan and help a wonderful charity receive the funds it needs:


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