Tom Hughes tipped to be the new James Bond


Tom Hughes has been tipped as the actor to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond. Tom Hughes is currently starring as Prince Albert in ITV’s Victoria, alongside Jenna Coleman.

The 30 year old attracted the attention of Barbara Broccoli, and the other Bond producers after playing MI5 agent Joe Lamb, in cold war drama The Game.

Speaking about the possibility of playing Bond last year Hughes said: “Who wouldn’t want to play James Bond? also adding ‘If someone sits me down and offers me James Bond one day, it’d be an incredible day. I would strongly consider that.’

However the frontrunners for the Bond role, Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba, are still very much in the frame. Despite this, Hiddleston has been doubtful that he will be cast in the role when asked publically.

Rumours surrounding who will replace Daniel Craig as Bond have abounded since early this year,  when Craig announced that he would rather “slit his wrists” than star in another Bond movie.

Mads Mikkelson who played villain Le Chiffre in Casino royale has gone so far as to say that Gillain Anderson would make a good Bond. Watch the trailer for the latest Bond film trailer below:


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