RJ Mitte discusses possibility of playing Walter White Jr. again


Host of the Channel 4 Paralympics, Breaking Bad actor RJ Mitte would be interested in playing Walter White Jr again.

In a recent interview, when asked about the prospect of playing the handicapped son of the drug kingpin Walter White, Mitte said: “If the scripts were right and the money was right, why not? What’s the worst that could happen?” In hindsight, this seems like something surprising to say considering how Breaking Bad ended!

Mitte has previously appeared in all five seasons of the show from 2008-2013, but is concerned at ruining the impact of the AMC drama’s ending.

He did not challenge the ending of the fifth season, however, saying: “We were lucky that we got to have a proper ending, and maybe we should keep it that way.”Although he didn’t rule out a return for his character, he did state he thought Walt Jr would be in a “very bad place” following the shocking ocnclusion of the show.

He’s presenting the Paralympics coverage on Channel 4 starting on September 7th and about to star in The Recall with Wesley Snipes. Check out Mitte in one of his most emotional Breaking Bad moments below:



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