Shura releases video for hidden album track ‘311215’ – watch


English singer, songwriter and producer has released the visuals to her track ‘311215’ featured on debut record Nothing’s Real.

‘311215’ is a hidden track on the album found on the second half of closing song ‘White Light’. Posting the new video on her official Facebook page, Shura comments “311215 is about fear of death. The death (one day) of my parents and to a certain extent my own; That everything must come to an end. I chose to finish my record with this song in part because it deals with endings. For me it also marks the start of another journey. Who knows where that will lead…”

The track features vocal samples from her Russian mother and is about the hypothetical death of her parents. The video for which shows old home recordings of her family including her twin brother who features on Shura’s video for ‘What’s It Gonna Be?’.

Watch the video for ‘311215’ below.


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