BBC reveals Class teaser trailer


The BBC have today released the first teaser trailer for upcoming Doctor Who spin-off Class, which will be available via BBC Three Online.

The spin-off, headed by young-adult writer Patrick Ness, is set to feature Coal Hill School, where Clara Oswald previously taught, and is set to confront the issue of what happens to people who are touched by the Doctor’s presence, but ultimately left behind. Ness also promised that brand new monsters and aliens would feature in the show, saying: “If you had the chance to make up brand new Doctor Who monsters, wouldn’t you run with it?” He also added: “You might face an alien you’ll never learn the name, or motivation, of,”

Although the opening episode of the series is set to feature Capaldi as a guest star, the current incarnation of the Time Lord is not set to stick around for the series, which promises a darker tone, more akin to that of Torchwood, compared to recent Doctor Who spin-offs like The Sarah Jane Adventures. In the trailer, The Doctor menacingly warns those at Coal Hill about how time is chasing them, and more importantly how time ‘Always catches up.’

Class premieres on BBC Three Online on 22nd October 2016. Watch the teaser for the show below:


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